Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam <p><strong>Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam </strong>yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Ahwal Syakhsiyyah (Hukum Keluarga), Jurusan Syariah, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Sangatta Kutai Timur, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. Jurnal ini menerbitkan paper/artikel ilmiah secara berkala dua (2) kali dalam setahun (Juni dan Desember).</p> <p>Jurnal ini menerbitkan artikel hasil penelitian, kajian pustaka dan atau hasil resensi buku mengenai hukum keluarga islam. Adapun ruang lingkupnya adalah: Hukum Keluarga Islam; Fikih Munakahat; Pemikiran Hukum Islam; Hukum Perdata Islam; Kajian Ushuliyah di bidang hukum domestik; Ilmu Falaq; Hukum Perkawinan; Islam dan Gender; Fikih keluarga</p> en-US (Achmad Fahruddin) (Firdaus) Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 PERAN KANTOR URUSAN AGAMA SANGATTA UTARA DALAM MEMINIMALISIR PERCERAIAN DI PENGADILAN AGAMA SANGATTA <p><em>The purpose of this research is to describe the causes of divorce, the role of the religious affairs office in minimizing divorce, and the considerations of judges in making decisions. the method used in this research is a qualitative research method with a type of field research. The results concluded that several factors cause divorce including economic factors, domestic violence (KDRT), and infidelity, as for the way to minimize divorce is to organize socialization by the North Sangatta Religious Affairs Office regarding understanding knowledge in married life. The judge's considerations in making a decision are accepting and granting the plaintiff's claim in its entirety, giving permission to the plaintiff to impose a divorce of one raji'i against the defendant, charging case costs to the plaintiff or if the court is of another opinion, the plaintiff requests the fairest decision.</em></p> Ajis Supangat, Linda Auliana Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 REKONTEKSTUALISASI PENJATUHAN TALAK TIGA DALAM BINGKAI NEGARA INDONESIA <p><em>This study discusses the law of three divorces in one word or one assembly which often occurs in Muslim societies. The basis used as a reference is the hadith of the Prophet SAW and Fiqh. As a rule of law country, Indonesia has provided rules for the implementation of divorce as stipulated in Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, Law No. 7 of 1989 concerning the Religious Courts, and the Compilation of Islamic Law. The substance is that divorce can only be carried out before a court hearing. However, there are still many practices that occur in society imposing triple talaq on a wife in one word or one assembly. This research is library research with a qualitative approach. The results of this study, that the imposition of divorce with one word or in one assembly needs to be reconstructed in understanding hadith and Fiqh as a form of ijtihad with various approaches within the framework of a rule of law that realizes the goals of the law itself.</em></p> Syaiful Annas Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 ISIM MAUSHUL PADA AYAT-AYAT MUNAKAHAT KAJIAN SINTAKSIS DAN SEMANTIK <p><em>This study aims to describe the types of isim mausul, shilah mausul, position, and contextual meaning in munakahat verses in the Koran. This research is included in library research or Library Research with a qualitative descriptive approach. The results of this study found that there are two forms of isim maushul, namely isim maushul khaash and isim maushul musytarak. From the shilah there are shilah in the form of several fi'iliah, namely fi'il madhi, fi'il mudhori, and shibih sum, namely jer majrur. While from a'id found dhomir mustatir and dhomir bariz. In his position, isim maaushul has the position of khobar muqoddam, mudhof ilaif, majrur, mubatada' maful bih, badal and in terms of its meaning, it is found the meaning of people who, something that is, material that is, what is that, oaths that are, food that is and women that are.</em></p> Imron Gozali Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 EFEKTIVITAS PELAYANAN PENCATATAN NIKAH DI KUA KECAMATAN BALIKPAPAN SELATAN SETELAH DIBERLAKUKANNYA INSTRUKSI DIRJEN BIMAS ISLAM NOMOR DJ.II/1 TAHUN 2015 <p><em>The background of this research is the implementation of the Director General of Islamic Guidance No. DJ.II/1 the Year 2015 Instruction which deactivates the Assistant of Marriage Registrar or "Penghulu" in marriage and divorce services in all sub-district Religious Affairs Offices except for those classified as D-1 and D-2. South Balikpapan District Religious Affairs Office is classified as B with a monthly average of 70-90 marriage events, while the number of "Penghulu" in charge of attending and witnessing marriage contracts is only one person. This research aims to determine the obstacles in implementing the Director General of Islamic Guidance No. DJ.II/1 theYear 2015 Instruction in South Balikpapan District Religious Affairs Office and the effectiveness of marriage registration services in South Balikpapan District Religious Affairs Office after the implementation of the instruction. The type of this research is analytical descriptive with a qualitative descriptive research method, which produces descriptive data in the form of written and spoken words as well as observed behaviors. The data collection techniques used were observation, interviews, and documentation. The qualitative data analysis technique was conducted by working with the data, organizing it, breaking it down into manageable units, synthesizing it, identifying patterns, identifying important aspects to be studied, and deciding what can be reported to others. The researcher applied the methods presented by Miles and Huberman, particularly the data reduction phase, collecting and selecting data, and focusing on important parts. After the data visualization phase, the researcher analyzed the selected and collected data and concluded. In the process of concluding, the researcher used an inductive method, which is to draw conclusions based on specific data analyzed and general conclusions from observations, interviews, and documents. The findings of this research indicate that the obstacles in implementing the Director General of Islamic Guidance (Dirjen Bimas Islam) Instruction No. DJ.II/1 of 2015 at the Office of Religious Affairs in South Balikpapan Sub-District is the lack of human resources among the marriage officials and administrators, resulting in a heavy workload and the erosion of local wisdom. However, the marriage registration service at the Office of Religious Affairs in South Balikpapan Sub-District runs quite effectively according to the ten service quality indicators proposed by Zeithaml.</em></p> Shaleh Shaleh Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 ORGANISASI KEMASYARAKATAN PERSPEKTIF HAK ASASI MANUSIA <p><em>The rights to associate and assemble that are indebted to social organizations are citizens' rights that are protected by the Indonesian constitution. In the course of history, the Indonesian nation cannot be separated from the presence of these social organizations. The theoretical framework used in viewing the problem above as an analytical tool includes human rights theory. While the method in writing this journal is doctrinal research with a qualitative approach in the form of a prescriptive law as its object. Sources of data are in the form of primary legal materials, secondary legal materials and tertiary legal materials. The results of this study indicate that; the right to associate and assemble in the form of community organizations for citizens is constitutionally protected. However, the rights to associate and group are derogable rights, namely rights that the state may reduce or limit when these rights threaten the rights of other people.</em></p> Hartono Hartono Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Usroh : Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam Mon, 12 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000